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Holiday Dinner.. Philistines etc. November 30, 2005

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When I got there I felt very “eh”, I didn’t really feel like saying ‘Hi’ to people, and seemed very mundane. Later, it came to me that I was acting like a fool, and should be more festive. I like that.. that I can recognize when I’m not feeling good, and acting like a piece of shit to other people. I think it’s the Holy Spirit within me. But that is another story.

Overall, it was a great atmosphere. There was around 100 people there. I was so suprised, because my Public Relations committee was in charge of getting people there, and it obviously worked somehow. Props to all my PR committee soldiers. We served people nonstop portions of fried rice, chow mein, sweet & sour pork, fried chicken, the works, baby. It was good food. Mandarin Village is the spot, holla at ya boy Vincent Qu, when you hit up San Ramon. Good event to end the year on. Definitely good vibes running through my Central Nervous System.

After Holiday Dinner, I went to do calculus homework with the grizzly man, Tony aka “Pau Gasol”. We went to Galileo, where we did some work with other calculus students in Jones’ class. It was interesting listening to this girl Sonya. She was talking about saga food. Saying that when she goes to eat she asks herself “What the fuck you gonna feed me today?” Oh man. I was laughing. I feel like a Philistine sometimes, when I’m not a part of that culture. Black culture in America has a certain closeness to it, because they make fun of eachother so much. It brings them closer together, because they can laugh with eachother, and it doesn’t really matter. Sonya is a good kid, I wish I can get to know her more. Yeah nickrile helped me with some calc. He is a good kid also. The kind of kid that likes to smile when he eats macaroni and cheese. Shoot.. hella bootsy.

I’m tired right now.. but those are some of the thoughts going on in my mind.

New words:

Philistine –

1. A smug, ignorant, especially middle-class person who is regarded as being indifferent or antagonistic to artistic and cultural values.
2. One who lacks knowledge in a specific area.

Pretentious –

1. Claiming or demanding a position of distinction or merit, especially when unjustified.
2. Making or marked by an extravagant outward show; ostentatious. See Synonyms at showy.