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Shake it December 4, 2005

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“shanti poon-nani all night”

“i won’t bite… hard”

these are some of the slander that pours out of Brian’s mouth. How lovely. Shada-lay!

This is finals week! Ah this semester passed so quickly. So many things have happened, so many changes, it feels good to change, or to know that I myself have changed. Last night we had some people over and Cat said that Jacklyn asked “What is Jon like drunk, because he’s so weird when he is sober.” I asked Cat if she thought I was weird, she said that “at least I’m not boring”

“In America, through pressure of conformity, there is freedom of choice, but nothing to choose from.”
– Peter Ustinov
I read this quote today, and I think that it’s very true. In our quest to be different, we become the same. As Americans, we don’t have any perspective on things, it’s so hard to be original, if your examples of originality are homogenous. We need to get out of this freakin country to realize that there is more to life, to experience something greater, that changes your world view on things. The way you look at houses, the way you eat, the way you choose shoes, stuff like that. Experience that makes you think differently. I think we lack that in America. The freedom has turned this society into a cultural prison.